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    Email: sales@halnziye.com
    Your present location:Home >> Products >> Thermal Grease >> Model >> HY400 Series White >> HY410 white therml grease with long syringe 1g
    • Name: HY410 white therml grease with long syringe 1g
    • ID: HY410-TU10A
    • Brand: Halnziye
    • Model: HY410
    • Color: White
    • Thermal Conductivity: 1.42W/m-K
    • Package: Slim syrigne with 1g

    HY410 white thermal grease.This thermal grease was common type,under normal temperature is grease status , due to the best Cost-effective advantage,this thermal grease is widely used for CPU/GPU cooler,Boards,Fans and Board Bonding ,LED heat sink,TV, Color Monitor ,Air Conditioning ,Audio ,Cooker, Amplifier VCD,DVD Communications Equipment and all kinds of high -end electronic products.

    RoHS&CE&PFOS&REACH appliant with SGS testing report



    Items HY410 Unit
    Color White No
    Thermal Conductivity >1.42 W/m-K
    Thermal Impedance <0.252 0C-in²/W
    Specific Gravity >2 g/cm³
    Viscosity 1000 No
    Thixotropic Index 380±10 1/10mm
    Moment Bore Temperature -50~300 0C
    Operation Temperature -30~280 0C



    Silicone Compounds 35 %
    Carbon Compounds 45 %
    Metal Oxide Compounds 20 %





    How to use

    a.Clean the CPU and heat sink surfaces,Wipe the surface lightly with a cotton ball or cotton swab dampened with alcohol or our thermal cleanser


    b.Place a tiny drop of thermal grease to the center of the cooler base,smear it evenly with scraper or finger cot,best thickness is 0.13~0.15mm


    c.Attach the heat sink to the processor and Avoid removing the heat sink after installing it.


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