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    Thermal silica performance depends on factors?

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     Commonly used thermal silica having a high thermal conductivity, high tensile strength and low fluidity and other characteristics generally required for curing under heat, thermal conductivity, good adhesion properties. The different characteristics of different thermal silica, then factors that affect the performance of thermal silica, what does?

       Thermal silica performance depends on the following factors:
        A thermal conductivity
        Thermal conductivity is an important parameter to measure the thermal conductivity of the material thermal conductivity, higher thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat the better, in other conditions constant, the higher the better thermal conductivity of thermal silica.
     B, the conductivity
        Thermal silica has a certain conductivity, thermal conductivity materials are generally added to increase the thermal efficiency of the metal material, practical applications, thermal silica should be selected according to the needs of different conductivity.
        Because it is pasty fluid thermal silica, and therefore have a certain degree of mobility, epidemic strong thermal silica can be used to fill the pores smaller gap, increase the thermal contact surface cooling volume.
        Thermal silica has a certain viscosity, heating devices and heat sink member firm adhesion can be together, so sticky is also considered an important indicator of the performance of thermal silica.
        At present, the production used more often, including Huawei, 3COM, Hass and other large enterprises are using this, welcomed the consultation.

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