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    Service Hotline
    Email: sales@halnziye.com
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    Free samples,syringes with 2pcs,mini bag less than 15pcs,can with 100g(HY810 and HY880 less than

    20g),other package can be discussed.if order more than USD300,we will send you a samples carton(hot selling models) with free cost together with your order .



    Paypal,T/T transfer and Western Union are available, more details please check the bank account on

    Bank Information page,any problem about the payment,contact us at any time and if you make payment,inform us please.


    Lead Time&Delivery

    Standard models,lead time in 3 working days ,will be delivered via express(EMS&DHL&TNT),airport,sea.

    You will receive it in 5~7 working days if via express and airport.

    OEM models base on the production, in 7~10 working days after confirming the order.



    Stock in normal temperature and don’t put it with sunshine,guarantee period is 2 years.


    After-sales Service

    a.All feedback will be replied within 24 hours.,and very welcome your good ideas about our


    b.Any problem about the quality of the goods,contact us please,we will provide you a solution as soon

    as possible.